Provence recipes

A selection of gourmet recipes emblematic of Provence: soup with pistou, ratatouille, crespeou, pissaladière, bouillabaisse, anchoïade ...

# Red mullet recipe by Glenn Viel de Baumanière

Smooth red mullet, farmhouse cream, crispy scales, socca, a recipe by Glenn Viel from L'Oustau de Baumanière

#Baked Melon and Smoked Ham Salad

An irresistible summer dish

#Cooking snails

A piquant recipe for snails.

#Duck breast with figs

A classic dish

#Fisherman's Pot

a flavourful dish enjoyable in all seasons

#Half-cooked and tartar Mediterranean tuna, aubergine and spring garden

Half-cooked Mediterranean tuna in tartar, aubergine and spring garden, a recipe by Chefs Maxime and Serge Chenet from the Restaurant Entre Vigne et Garrigue in Pujaut.

#Organic bull tartar from Maussane-les-Alpilles, iodized condiments with Bonito vinegar

Organic bull tartar from Maussane-les-Alpilles, iodized condiments with Bonito vinegar, a recipe of Michel Hulin from La Cabro d'Or - Baumanière

#Pasta with truffles

An easy recipe using truffles

#Pissaladière onion tart

A dish with a truly southern accent!

#Pistou Soup

Traditional Provençal soup of summer vegetables

#Pumpkin gratin

An appetizing recipe for the star of autumn.

#Pumpkin Soup

A velvety soup for autumn


The emblematic dish of Provençe

#The Crespeou

A colourful and typically Provençal recipe

#The Grand Aioli

The must in Provençal cuisine

#The Rabassier's Tartine open-face truffle sandwich

The easiest way to serve the truffle and keep all its flavour

#Turkey with Chestnuts

The traditional Christmas dinner

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