The Crespeou

A recipe from Dédé Del Monte based on "La Cuisine Complice" Éditions Aubanel


- 12 eggs (1 per omelet)

- 1 bunch of chives

- 1 bunch of parsley

- 5 branches de basil

- 100g black olives, pitted and chopped

- 100g boiled ham, cut into chunks

- 100g button mushrooms

- 100g red peppers

- 150g tuna in oil

- 100g grated cheese

- 300g spinach

- 300g green chard

- 1 onion

- 25cl olive oil

- salt, pepper from a grinder



Crespeou is a layered dish composed of mini-omelets. The omelets are filled with herbs, vegetables, fish and meat and then layered in alternating colours.

This Provencal recipe should be made the day before. Make each omelet with one beaten egg (you can also increase the number of eggs per omelet for more consistency). In a small pan greased with a tbsp of olive oil, cook the omelets, leaving them round and flat.

Preparation of the omelets:


- using scissors, cut the chive, parsley and basil into the beaten egg, 

- quickly sauté the spinach and swiss chard in olive oil before cooking the omelet.


- add the pitted and chopped black olives to the egg before cooking. 


- add the ham and the drained tuna to the egg.


- peel and finely slice the mushrooms, 

- peel and finely slice the onions and brown them in the pan 

- add the mushrooms, onion and grated cheese to the beaten egg before cooking the omelet.


- sauté the chopped red peppers in olive oil before adding to the beaten egg.

The omelets are then layered in a charlotte mould, springform pan or a deep dish. Let chill with a weight on top (a stone or tin can). Cut into triangular slices, these mini-omelets make a wonderful addition to a buffet.

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