Aix-en-Provence countryside

A bit outside the beautiful and opulent Aix-en-Provence, all eyes turn towards the Sainte Victoire Mountain and the whiteness of its limestone cliffs. In a setting of oaks, scrub land and lavender, it stands as the impregnable sentinel of the Provence of which it is an emblem.
As well as inspiring many great painters, Cézanne, Picasso, Kandisky, it watches over all the small villages built in the hollows of the valleys and amidst the vineyards and orchards.
Intimate, authentic, the region of Aix shares the treasures of its heritage, its gastronomy, its art de vivre all throughout the year.

#Salon de Provence

Between Alpilles and Aix en Provence, a city of many faces


Aix has everything it takes to be a real seductress: beauty, culture and the art of living!

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