Cooking snails

What is French gastronomy without them!

In the morning rain, put on your wellies and with a metal basket go out and look for snails. 

But that's not the hardest part.

Snails do require a certain amount of preparation, to follow step by step.


Leave the snails in the enclosed basket or in a fastened crate for 10 days.

On the last day, sprinkle them with flour and a few twigs of savory and thyme. The next day, wash the mollusks in an abundant amount of salted water with vinegar

Remove the dead ones.

Put the snails in a big casserole filled with cold, salted water, bring to a boil and let cook for 15 minutes. Remove from heat and let cool. When they are no longer hot to the touch, remove the snails from their shells and cut away the black part of their tails if you are using Burgundy snails. Wash once again. 

Prepare a cold bouillon with lots of pepper corns, a handful of fennel, orange peel and coarsely chopped onion. 

Add the snails and cook - 2½ hours for Burgundy snails, 1¾ hours for garden snails. The snails are now ready to be served, plain or with the sauce of your choice.

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