The monuments in Avignon and the surroundings

#The Petit Palais of Avignon

the palace of the archbishops of Avignon.

#The Popes' Palace of Avignon

The biggest gothic palace in the western world

#The covered market of Les Halles

A gigantic Provençal market in the centre of Avignon

#Saint Pierre Basilica in Avignon

One of the most beautiful churches in Avignon

#The Saint-André Gardens and Abbey in Villeneuve

A remarkable spot for reverie and romanticism

#The city walls of Avignon

Avignon, a fortified city enclosed by 4.3 kilometres of walls.

#Chartreuse de Bonpas

A cultural and oenological tour of a historic site

#The Rue des Teinturiers in Avignon

The most picturesque street in Avignon

#The Chartreuse of Villeneuve

The biggest and richest Carthusian monastery in France

#The Fort Saint André in Villeneuve-les-Avignon

The fortress dominates the Rhone Valley

#The bridge of Avignon

A famous bridge in the world

#The Saint-Michel de Frigolet Abbey

An Abbey of canons Premonstratensian Abbey in the heart of the Montagnette

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