The museums in Avignon and the surroundings

#The Vouland museum in Avignon

A superb permanent collection of decorative arts

#Angladon Museum in Avignon

Jacques Doucet Collection


1st museum in Europe devoted to fruits & vegetables

#Museum of old Avignon - Popes' Palace

Plunge into the history of the prestigious Popes' Palace

#The Palais du Roure in Avignon

Private Mansion of Baroncelli from the 15th century

#The museum of the Petit Palais

A large collection of Italian Primitive paintings

#The Maison Jean Vilar in Avignon

Depository of the work of the Avignon Theatre Festival's creator

#Requien Museum in Avignon

Museum of natural history

#Mont de Piété Museum & Silk Conditioning

The history and function of the Mont de Piété and the Condition des Soies

#Calvet Museum of Avignon

The Fine Arts and Archaeology Museum of Avignon

#The Musée Lapidaire in Avignon

Archaeological Collection of the Calvet Museum

#Collection Lambert in Avignon

A contemporary art collection from the 1960s to the present day.

#the Municipal Archives of Avignon

The memory of Avignon

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