the Municipal Archives of Avignon

In the heart of Avignon, the Muncipal Archives are housed in the buildings that were once the Mont-de-Piété (a medieval pawnbroker institution).

The memory of the city and its inhabitants, the Municipal Archives of Avignon, is a public service in charge of collecting, classifying, conserving and conveying all the documents put out by the city's public services and establishments. It also has the job of collecting, by donation, trust, bequest or purchase, documents from private sources concerned with the history of Avignon.

Open to the public, the archives of the city of Avignon advise, help and assist researchers working on the city's history, that of its institutions and monuments, also that of its families (genealogy), etc.

the Municipal Archives of Avignon

Archival documents - Municipal Archives of Avignon

Municipal Archives - Memory of Avignon

Old postcard - Avignon in 1900

Frederic Mistral and Alphonse Daudet : Exhibition in the Municipal Archives of Avignon

The collection is made up of numerous bundles (more than three kilometers of documents) tracing the evolution of the commune in all its different aspects, of maps and plans and a set of more than 40,000 photographs and post cards.

Research center and reference library, the municipal archives also undertakes the work of highlighting the richness of the city's preserved heritage through exhibitions and publications.

Archives Municipales - 6, rue Saluces - 84000 Avignon

+ 33 (0)4 90 86 53 12

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