The Sévigné Garden

The Marquise de Sévigné died in Grignan in 1696.
To commemorate the tricentennial of her death, in 1996 the town of Grignan had this elegant sculpture of greenery created by a local artist and sculptor, Françoise Vergier.
The vegetal sculpture represents the letters of the name Sévigné in the same spirit as the labyrinth gardens of the 17th century. The name Sévigné can be seen and admired from the château's terrace. The inauguration of the garden took place on October 15, 1999, which also commemorates the birthdate of Madame de Sévigné's daughter.
The garden is situated off the Cours Adhémar road; to reach it, follow the ramparts, along which you can also admire part of the rose collection from the association “Rosiers Anciens de Grignan”.
It is a remarkable spot where peace and beauty reign and with an extraordinary view over the village, the Saint-Sauveur collegiate church and the château of Grignan.

The labyrinth of the Jardin de Sévigné

The garden Sévigné seen from the Château of Grignan

Entrance of the garden Sévigné

Relaxing in the garden Sévigné

Le jardin Sévigné - Cours Adhémar - 26230 Grignan

+33 (0)4 75 46 56 75

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