Provençal Desserts

Sweets from sweet Provence

Honey and wine, fresh seasonal produce, dried fruits and nuts, essences, extracts and the famous olive oil come together marvellously in the 13 desserts of Christmas, the cakes and pies, the refreshing fruit salads...

Here's a small selection of traditional recipes that amateur chefs can try at home.


#French toast with apples and dried fruit

A recipe for French toast from the great chef Daniel Hébet

#Melon Tarte Tatin with lavender honey

An original recipe for tarte tatin

#Melon with Muscat

As a starter or a dessert, a recipe that accentuates the sweetness of the melon


A traditional Provençal treat

#Pompe à l'Huile

For 2 cakes – one for Christmas Eve and the other for breakfast on Christmas morning!!!!

#Provençal King's Cake

Recipe for Galette des Rois – Provençal Kings' Cake with candied fruit

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