Montjoyer is a village in the Drôme in the Rhône-Alpes region. Built up on the top of a hill, it is part of the canton of Grignan and not far from Montélimar, about twenty kilometres away.

The village grew up in the 15th century, originating from a farm building used by the neighbouring Abbey of Ayguebelle. The abbey is still today home to some thirty Cistercian monks. You can visit the place and discover the regional and monastic products made there. 

This peaceful farming village is the ideal spot for a retreat, where long hikes promise you landscapes of incredible beauty.

In the area around Montjoyer:

Grignan: 10 km away - Sublime medieval and defensive fortress. Don't miss the Château of Grignan, the round fountain, the circular promenade along the ramparts called the Chemin de Ronde, the Saint Sauveur Collegiate Church, etc...

Ayguebelle: the Abbey and distillery of Eyguebelle

Entrance of the village

Street of the village

Old house of Montjoyer

Landscape Wind turbine in the state-owned fôret of Grignan

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