The Garden of Herbs of La Garde-Adhémar

A remarkable garden on a remarkable site, the garden of herbs is quite simply a marvel of great beauty where a peaceful atmosphere reigns, a marvel of Nature.
Nestling at the foot of the church of La Garde-Adhémar, you reach the garden by way of steep and very rural stairs. Coming down, the show before you is quite unexpected.
The garden's magnificent composition stretches over 3000 m², its layout is on two terraces covering two levels. One is for the medicinal plants, of which there are some 200 varieties, and the second is for aromatic plants. All the plants are classed by theme and colour and you will learn everything about them. The collections are considerable; the flower beds trace out over the whole garden an immense sun, the centre ornamented with begonias and other annual flowering plants.
The views are astounding, the site offers you a breathtaking panorama. The spectacle can be enjoyed in all season, the colours and fragrances will always enchant you.

The Garden of Herbs in La Garde-Adhémar

The Garden of Herbs in La Garde-Adhémar

The Garden of Herbs at the foot of the church

The basin of the garden of herbs

The Garden of Herbs overlooks the plain of La Garde Adhémar

The entrance of the Garden of Herbs La Garde Adhémar

Le Jardin des Herbes - 26700 La Garde-Adhémar

+33 (0)4 75 04 41 09

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