La Garde-Adhémar

a Garde-Adhémar is a village of the Drôme Provençale situated in the Rhône-Alpes region. Built on a hill, it dominates the Pierrelatte plain on the left bank of the Rhône. Surrounded by its ramparts, the village has conserved all its medieval architecture. The village got its name from the Adhémar family, who for a long time made up a formidable dynasty.
In 2012, the town had a population of 1118. Visitors also love to come to La Garde-Adhémar, a magnificent  village where the living is very pleasant throughout the year. Its climate makes for hot summers and relatively cold winters.

Saint-Michel church

The Garden of Herbs in La Garde-Adhémar

The Garden of Herbs in La Garde-Adhémar

With lands situated in an area producing the AOC Grignan-les-Adhémar wines, you can sample the production from two wine estates as well as an organic farm and a dairy farm.
La Garde-Adhémar has a picturesque charm as testified by its historic heritage.
On the plain, in the heart of innumerable prairies, orchards and centuries-old oaks stands the priory of the Val des Nymphes. This spot has attracted people since a long time ago due to the presence of natural and permanent springs. Today a place of retreat and meditation, it had up to 4 churches and a large population during the High Middle Ages up to the 13th century.
Where once fertility and prosperity had been worshipped, practices developed in the Gallo-Roman era, monks built a beautiful Romanesque chapel sometime around the 12th century.
In the 13th century, the peasant families left the valley to go live in the village, the seigneurial power of the Adhémar having convinced the population to move. The city developed with the  construction of residential homes and Romanesque tower-houses.
The Saint-Michel Church should not be missed. With a double apse, it is a beautiful example of 12th century Provençal Romanesque art. And it is one of the rare fortified churches. Across from the church stands the Penitents' Chapel, created in 1629 and accepting all the people of the village. Wearing the habit of the brotherhood erased all social differences, only the devotional and moral requirements counted.
Below the church, discover an exceptional garden created about twenty years ago: a conservatory garden where the plants are arranged according to their plant family.
Today, the population of La Garde-Adhémar has found a balance between the farming of the plain, the implantation of the aerodrome, the motorway, the TGV high-speed train and the development of the Tricastin nuclear power plant. The village is pampered by its locals, the houses have been restored and a new population has settled there. But the winding lanes, the arches, the vaulted passages are still there to be admired throughout the year.

In the area around La Garde-Adhémar
Le Poët Laval
Keep, chapel and ramparts listed as historic monuments
Provençal Commandery
Romanesque church
19th century Protestant church

The Clock Tower
19th century church

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