The House of the Truffle and the Tricastin in Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux

The House of the Truffle and the Tricastin occupies a former private mansion in the heart of the old town of Saint-Paul-Trois-Chateaux.
It is the showcase for the traditions and heritage of the land of the Tricastin. Seven rooms are devoted to the subject with permanent exhibitions in which photos, drawings, documentation, objects and videos recount the fabulous history of the precious mushroom that is the Truffle.
A beautiful homage to savour during an approximately one hour visit.

The House of the Truffle and the Tricastin

Religious ceremony around the black truffle

The Brotherhood of the Black Truffle

Weighing in for the sale of the truffle in Carpentras

Trufficulturist and his truffles hound

Hunting for the Black Truffle

Truffle pig in Vaucluse

Come to the “Tricastin Truffle Discovery Days” every Saturday from early December to mid-March.
The day is broken into several stages.
9:30: Guided tour of the House of the Truffle and the Tricastin.
11am: a visit to the Richerenches market with the truffle farmers' stalls and the buying and selling of truffles.
12:30: Lunch break, so why not try a truffle omelette.
2:30: Visit a truffle farm with a truffle farmer and his or her dog. You will learn the difference between truffle plantations and wild truffles and about the dog's training and the complicity between the animal and its owner. The truffle gatherer will share with you the secrets of searching for truffles.
4:30: An amazing sensorial, olfactory and gustatory experience at the House of the Truffle: you can touch, smell, taste, discover and study the truffle. Its aspects, texture, colour, aroma and flavour will no longer hold any secrets for you.
6pm: The day ends with a tasting of the Wines of the Coteaux du Tricastin.

Don't miss the Truffle Festival of the Tricastin, a tradition since 1987.
Its objective is to help discover this succulent mushroom and explain that no more than a few grams per person are needed to appreciate the flavour of the Black Truffle, an expensive delicacy. That's why the “Truffles Omelettes” Day was started.
On the menu: the Truffle in all its forms, apéritif, salad with Truffles, Truffle omelette, truffled brie, accompanied by the best wine of the Coteaux du Tricastin.
The day extends to cover the Wine and Regional Produce Fair. Discussions about these products are also organized.
Considering the success of this event, it's best to organize your day and reserve ahead of time if necessary!

The Tricastin region is the centre of French production of the famous black truffle (60% of national production). This prestigious “black diamond”, once widely consumed,  has today become rare, a refined delicacy to be found on the best tables.  
The truffle's specific characteristics have made it something as mysterious as it is unique. In effect, nobody can fully explain its underground life, its uncommon black colour, the woodsy fragrance and strong taste.
Yet, this mushroom seems to have found in our region the particular conditions necessary to grow and develop naturally: a tree, preferably oak, a sufficiently chalky soil and, finally, a Mediterranean type climate.
But nothing should be taken for granted! Because the delicious Tuber Mélanosporum with its enchanting personality might not reappear there where the land and the people have generously provided it with everything it needs, disappearing and taking with it all its secrets. But when the truffle is with us... what joy!

To visit

Truffle Markets (from November to March)
Monday: Chamaret
Tuesday: Grignan, Saint Paul Trois Châteaux
Wednesday: Valréas ((84)
Friday: Dieulefit
Saturday: Richerenches (84)
Sunday: Saint Paul Trois Châteaux (reserved for private individuals)

Searching for truffles
To discover this marvellous mushroom, don't hesitate to go meet the truffle farmers and dig for truffles in the company!

Truffle Festival: The second Sunday in February – Saint-Paul-Trois-Chateaux

Cardoon and Truffle Market– Montbrizon sur Lez
Truffles, cardoons, chocolates, poultry, oysters and Coteaux du Tricastin wines
Truffles Menu and Entertainment

La Maison de la Truffe et du Tricastin - Rue de la République - 23130 Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux

+33 (0)4 75 96 61 29

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