Cheval Passion

in Avignon from January 16-20, 2019

Cheval Passion horse show will take place from January 16-20, 2019, at Avignon Trade Fair Centre in the Vaucluse.

Every January, Avignon is transformed into the equestrian world capital. Who hasn’t heard of the Avignon Equestrian Festival - one of only three shows of its kind in Europe and undisputedly the most creative ? 

Cheval Passion achieves the feat of attracting larger crowds every year and in keeping even regular visitors coming back for more. The show covers seven major themes : the Gala des Crinières d’Or (Golden Mane Gala), Poney Passion, information events, training for careers with horses, stud farm shows, Equestrian Cabaret, competitions, a trade fair - and much more besides.

The culminating point of the whole show is the Gala des Crinières d’Or - the number one reference in equestrian showmanship. There will be four of these outstanding gala performances celebrating horses and horse-riding, and featuring horses, actors, riders and musicians.

Cheval Passion - Golden Mane Gala

Cheval Passion - The Son of the Wind

Cheval Passion in Avignon - Sylvie Willms

French Institute of the Horse and Riding

Cheval Passion - Gardians and Arlésiennes

Cheval Passion in Avignon - Gala

Sélyne & Jérémy Gonzales and Dans'6T

Cheval Passion - Amicale of the Montagnette

Master of Ceremony, Calixte de Nigremont

Cheval Passion - Parc Expo d'Avignon - 84000 Avignon

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