Potato purée with truffles

A recipe with truffles from the Domaine de la Royère

Serves 4

8 nice steaming potatoes, cleaned

100 g crème fraîche

4 spoons extra virgin olive oil

30 g butter

100 g truffles

salt, pepper

Cook the potatoes in their skins in a large pot of salted water. Peel them and crush them with the aid of fork, adding a bit of crème fraîche. Put in a serving bowl and slowly add the olive oil, incorporating well with a fork.

Grate one or several fresh truffles directly on top and incorporate delicately, saving a few shavings to decorate the top. C

Potatoes come in varieties especially for purées, or with a firmer flesh. For the latter, be sure to cook them well. The contrast of the textures of the purée / the crunchiness of the truffle / the smoothness of the olive oil is very pleasant. The taste of the potate combines with that of the truffle right in your mouth. Avoid soaking the truffles in olive oil, as that will just give everyting the same taste.

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