The Mass for the Truffles in Richerenches

The Vaucluse accounts for 80% of French truffles production. It's kingdom even extends into the Drôme Provençale, in fact we call it, "The truffles of Tricastin". 

The truffles road takes us to Richerenches, letting us discover, along the way, the marvellous villages of the Luberon and the Mont Ventoux.

Richerenches, former Templar city, is also known for its truffles market on Saturday mornings, but it is, above all, the famous mass which brings the crowds out on to the village streets for 50 years now, on the fete of Saint-Antoine every year, on the third Sunday in January.

The Brotherhood of the Knghts of the Black Diamond, cloaked in black tunics and black hat with a medallion hanging from a yellow ribbon around their necks, lead a procession up to the church to celebrate and bless the mushroom. The parish soon smells of the truffles and for a good reason: during the collection, it is the truffles that fill the offering baskets, afterwards sold at auction to benefit the church.

At the end of this traditional ceremony all the assembled tastebuds can delight themselves with a menu where the black diamond sparkles.

The truffles will always inspire imaginations, fill our tables and feed our conversations.

We all respect it and honour its caprices and the mystery of it subterranean genesis demon of our gormandizing, we are your slaves!

The Brotherhood of the Knights of the Black Diamond

Bénédiction de la Truffe à Richerenches

Mass of the truffle in Richerenches

Truffles fill the offering baskets

Messe de la Truffe - Place de l'Eglise - 84600 Richerenches

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