A medieval village with the air of a Provençal nativity scene

Clinging to a hillside like a brooch of precious stones, made up of rubies, pearls and emeralds – its roof tiles, cut stone and cypresses – the village of Séguret watches its back. It's name in Provençal means security, probably given to the village due to its geographic situation. Its dominant position allowed the villagers to observe the movements in the Rhône Valley, without forgetting the château at the top of the mountain.

It is easy to imagine the sentinel stationed in the tower, a vestige of the feudal castle, blowing his horn to alert the villagers working in the vineyards to seek safety within the 14th century town walls in the face of a possible invasion.

The history of Séguret goes back to the stone age: arrowheads as well as traces of hearths from the iron age have been found in the caves of the Ouvèze river to the west of the village.

In 1876, a first statue, 3 metres high and representing a god dressed in Roman fashion with an eagle at his feet, was discovered, followed by a second one symbolizing the god of the forests. Both had lain concealed in the vineyards. You can admire these two pieces in the Sainte Thècle chapel, the originals are in Avignon.

To visit Séguret, leave your car in one of the parking areas at the bottom of the village. Mellowness and the Provençal art de vivre characterize this charming village with the air of a nativity scene. You can discover as the whim may take you its art galleries, shops, rich heritage and also its fine restaurants. Strolling the steep streets, you will be enchanted to find the fountain of mascarons (listed as a historic monument) on one of the squares, a washhouse from the Middle Ages and, at the end of the Rue des Poternes, the town hall.

The Place des Arceaux baosts hundred-year-old sycamores, classed “remarkable trees of France”, that provide the much-appreciated shade during a game of boules.

The Sainte Thècle Chapel, the Delage Museum and the Santons Museum are also places to visit…

Many viewpoints let you admire the exceptional panoramic views over the Rhône Valley.

Nearby are the villages of the Dentelles de Montmirail, such as Gigondas, Beaumes de Venise, Vacqueyras, Sablet...

Vaison la Romaine and its 2000 years of history is just 10 kilometres away; Orange and its Antique Roman theatre are 22 kilometres away.

The village of Seguret in the autumn sun

The Séguret belfry and its single needle clock

The mascarons fountain in Séguret

The caladees of the village of Seguret alleys

The place aux arceaux in Séguret with its plane trees

The streets of Séguret

Houses in the village of Séguret

The Church of Saint-Denis on the heights of the village of Seguret

The wash-house and the ramparts of the village of Seguret

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