The treasure of the Enclave des Papes

Richerenches is a village of the Vaucluse situated in the Enclave des Papes. It is one of the four Vaucluse towns encompassed by the Drôme department, more precisely between the Comtat Venaissin and the Drôme Provençale.

This charming village has the particularity of being encircled by four small rivers, which help keep the town pleasantly cool in summer. 

It was on this land in 1136 that the Knights Templar established their Commandery. The Commandery of Richerenches was powerful and undertook many works, such the construction of a Templar farm and a chapel, as well as draining the swamps. It also housed the first stud farm in France.

The rich lands were quickly exploited by the landowners, who developed crop farming and pastures for grazing, the Commandery's main activities.  

The village was pillaged by brigands, destroyed during the wars of religion and then abandoned. Reconstruction began in 1502 thanks to a few important families.

The Tuber Melanosporum, or black truffle, chose Richerenches as its fief. The cultivation, the harvest, the traditions and the customs that surround the black diamond are all well known today. The Tuber Melanosporum is king during the truffle season. 

The old stone houses seem to live and breathe in Richerenches. Every year, on the first Sunday of May, the village celebrates the Flower Festival. At that time, Richerenches dresses its beautiful old stones in colours and scents.

Visit the Musée de la Truffe et du Vin (House of the Truffle and Wine)

In the area around Richerenches:

Visan: a village with a rich and very old past

Valréas and Grillon: two very pretty villages to visit, also located in the Enclave des Papes

Grignan: for its famous castle

Suze la Rousse: visit the castle and the Wine University

The front door of the village

The Belfry and its clock

Saint-Denis church

The foothills of the Saint-Denis church

Stones house of Richerenches

A restored street of Richerenches

Landscape of Richerenches

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