A Provençal village between the Alpilles and the Montagnette

Graveson is situated between the Rhône and Durance rivers, about 10Km away from Tarascon, Avignon and Saint Rémy de Provence, in the heart of Frédéric Mistral's Provence. Its privileged situation near the Alpilles and the Camargue, its museums, its farmers' market and its traditional fêtes make it well worth a visit.

Graveson is indissociable from the painter and sculptor Auguste Chabaud, one of the pioneers in modern art. Living in his stone house at the foot of the Montagnette, he made it one of his main sources of inspiration. A circuit through the village streets retraces the places painted by the artist, with, at each spot, the painting's reproduction on enameled lava.

The Auguste Chabaud Regional Museum presents a permanent collection of the artist's works as well as temporary exhibitions, lectures, discussions and musical evenings.  

Tel: +33(0)4 90 90 53 02

On the Route du Grès, still in Graveson, the Aromas and Perfume Museum welcomes you to the land of fragrances. You will discover a beautiful collection of stills, the table of odorants and the “carré des simples” herb garden. Nelly Grosjean will introduce you to the virtues of the essential oils that she composes herself, all Ecocert certified and 100% organic. And while you're there, why not enjoy a massage in the Zen space or sample the vibrant cuisine at the Cabane Bambou?

Foodies and locavores will want to stop at the farmers' market of Graveson, which takes place every Friday from May to October from 4pm to 7:30pm. It brings together some twenty producers (no middlemen) who ensure the quality and guarantee the local origin and authenticity of the produce sold there.

Lovers of gardens will want to have a stroll in the Garden of the 4 Seasons on Avenue de Verdun. The flowerbeds and thickets mix local plants with rare varieties. You can admire a beautiful collection of viburnum, as well as an enchanting view over the Montagnette.

Then go to the aquatic garden "Aux Fleurs de l'Eau", designed by Mr. Stroppiana, an enthusiastic individual who, as a pastime, conceived this serene space devoted to aquatic flora and fauna.

Tél: +33(0)4 90 95 85 02

The Corso de Graveson and the Charette de la Saint-Eloi constitute the highlights of the festive summer season. More than just a folkloric demonstration, these popular fêtes express the population's deep attachment to their traditions. 

The Corso takes place in spring, and the Saint-Eloi Festival on the last weekend in July.

From April to September, Lou Biòu Gravesounen organizes the “courses camarguaises” bull contests.

Beautiful walks lead you along the Montagnette, a 6000-hectare limestone mountain range on which it seems all the flora of the Mediterranean grows: Aleppo pines, holm oaks, olive trees, pistachio plants, hawthorns, thyme, rosemary, the herb savory...

In the eastern part, you can explore the Oppidum de la Roque dating from the 6th century BC. Remarkable for its ancientness, it is the site of archaeological excavations. 

Hiking paths crisscross the Montagnette, leading to Barbentane, the Saint-Michel de Frigolet Abbey, and the feudal village of Boulbon with its fortified castle and its entirely restored mill. 

In an ideal geographic position, Graveson gives visitors easy access to the many tourist sites in the region:

Avignon: 13Km away

Saint Rémy de Provence: 10Km away

Arles: 24 Km away

Nîmes: 36 Km away

The Pont du Gard aqueduct: 31Km away

Saintes Maries de la Mer: 64Km away

Without forgetting the Regional Nature Park of the Alpilles, 10Km away,  the Regional Nature Park of the Camargue, 40Km away, and the Luberon Regional Nature Park, 60Km away.

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