The Cocaliere Cave

At the foot of the National Park of the Cévennes, the Grotte de la Cocalière Cave invites you on a journey out of time. At a depth of 50 metres, an approximately one-hour tour in all security will lead you through many chambers with evocative names: the chamber of Congress, the Columns, the Well of Adventure, the Three Kings...

Its concretions are original, rare even. The cave pearl in formation, the hundred or more discs defying the laws of gravity, the gours, or rimstones, filled with blue water and tiered like stairways, the massive blocks, the columns and the delicate draperies make the Cocalière one of the three most beautiful caves in France. The calcite crystals seem to glitter with a thousand lights and have given the Grotte de la Cocalière the nickname Cave of Diamonds. 

This subterranean trip ends with a tour of a prehistoric archaeological dig that has unearthed bones and pottery from the Neolithic and the Bronze Age. 

At the exit, a little train will take you back to your departure point along a track through the scrub land, something that will certainly delight the children, already in awe after this tour into the bowels of the earth.

Near the Grotte de la Cocalière, you can visit the Bois de Païolive forest and the Gorges of the Ardéche.

Cocalière Cave - Hall of Reflections

Cocaliere Cave - Hall of the Column

Cocaliere Cave - Bivouac of the explorers

Grotte de la Cocalière - 30500 Courry

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