The Cave of the Salamander

The incredible Cave of the Salamander, one of the most beautiful caves in Europe.

Opened to the public for the first time in 2013. It offers three possible visits:

- the lookout point, a panoramic view accessible by wheelchair (first in Europe) ;

- the guided tour, a fascinating tour of approximately one hour that goes into the heart of an enormous space adorned with spectacular crystals of titanic proportions staged with lighting and sound effects ;

- and for the fans of adrenaline, the Grand Rappel, an abseiling adventure of 50 metres on which one discovers the immense cave interior from the ceiling. In a group of friends or family, sensational emotions are guaranteed!

- the sports trail invites the more daring to come discover the Coulisses de la Salamandre during a 2-hour visit. You will climb blocks, cross a rope bridge, scale up a ladder and then rappel down to the gallery of crystals... Everything to get budding spelunkers dreaming!

You can then unwind at the snack bar that offers great items that can be enjoyed on the beautiful terrace overlooking the countryside.

The boutique, with its unbelievable vegetal ceiling, stocks many originals products that will immortalise your visit.

Fridays in summer, the Salamandre organises festive evenings, concerts, etc.

The Cèze Valley is worth a prolonged stay, just to visit all the idyllic little spots it hides away, far from mass tourism.

The Temple in the Cave of the Salamander

Illumination of the Cave of the Salamander

Grotte de la Salamandre - 30430 Méjannes-le-Clap

+33 (0)9 88 18 28 34

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