The Parc Spirou Provence

A park for all families

Situated in Monteux in the Vaucluse, the Parc SPIROU welcomes visitors from 10am to 6pm, every day from June 16th to September 9th. The festivities continue until November 4th on weekends and during the midterm school break.

The Parc Spirou Provence was created so that everyone, the old and young alike, the curious or nostalgic, can meet or meet again the endearing worlds and characters such as Spirou, Fantasio, Spip, Seccotine, the count of Champignac, Marsipulami, Lucky Luke, the Dalton, Gaston Lagaffe and Zombillénium.

Since its opening, the Parc Spirou Provence offers three Roller Coasters, that vary progressively in terms of thrills in order to satisfy all tastes.

Many family attractions offer you very different sensations and experiences and three different digital simulators invite you to visit the worlds of Gaston Lagaffe and of Zombillenium, and also a Dinosaur Park, no less!

The Parc Spirou Provence offers three catering concepts, with visitor spaces or on shaded terraces. The menus are composed using quality products selected in great part from local suppliers.

Parc Spirou Provence - 1 rue Jean-Henri Fabre - 84170 Monteux

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