Parc Alexis Gruss

Park closed in July and August

Take advantage of the summer season and the tree-filled and shaded spaces of the Park for a day out with the family or friends. Throughout the day, discover the  arts of the circus and enjoy the performances by the Alexis Gruss National Circus.

9:30 - Opening of the Park

10:00 - Rehearsals and practice

10:45 - Clown show

11:30 - New! Equestrian show & horseback acrobatics 

12:00 - Lunch break (Snack bar or picnic on the premises)

2:00 - The new show from the Alexis Gruss family (1hr15min without intermission)

4:30 - Closing of the Park

Throughout the day, there are free activities to discover more about us and the circus: 

Introductory workshops in the circus arts (juggling, trapeze, tightrope walking, balancing acts), inflatable games for 2 – 6 year olds, tour of the Gruss Family museum and the stables, picnic and snack areas...

From the starting point

The “behind the scenes”, meeting and talking with the performers and the Gruss family, signing session at the snack bar and the boutique.


24 euros per adult

20 euros per child

(children from 3 to 12 years old)

See the programm

Parc Alexis Gruss - Quartier de Crochant - RN7 - 84420 Piolenc

+33(0)4 90 29 49 49
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