Truffle mushroom and goat's cheese Lasagne

A recipe with truffles from the Château Saint Pierre des Méjeans

Serves 8

1 and 1/2 packages precooked lasagne

400 g fresh goat's cheese

3 big carrots

3 courgettes (zucchini)

500 g spinach

100 g truffles mushrooms, cut in thin slices

1/3 litre milk

2.5 dl liquid cream

80 g butter

salt, pepper, grated nutmeg

Blanche the carrots and courgettes (zucchini) cut into thin slices, 5 minutes for the carrots and 3 minutes for the courgettes. Drain. Quickly heat the spinach in a pan with 50 g butter, salt and pepper to taste. Chop up the cheese and slice the truffles mushrooms.

In a saucepan, boil the milk and cream, add the grated nutmeg, salt and pepper. Grease the lasagne dish and pour a bit of this mixture in to the dish.

Place a layer of lasagne, a layer of spinach, a layer of goat's cheese, the slices of truffle, a bit of cream, lasagne, carrot slices, spinach, cheese, truffles, cream, lasagnes, courgettes, cheese, truffles, cream. Finish with a layer of lasagne, truffles, cream and cheese. Scatter with little knobs of butter.

Cook in a medium oven for 25 min. Serve hot.

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