Eggplant with anchovies and capers

An easy to make Camargue dish

Ingredients for 4 people

- 600g eggplant

- salt

- 50g butter

- 1 tbsp olive oil  

- 2 cloves garlic  

- 3 tbsp tomato sauce 

- 6 anchovy filets in oil

- 1 tbsp capers 

- salt 

- pepper

- 1  tbsp chopped parsley


Wash the eggplants, cut into pieces, salt and set aside for 1 hour to draw out moisture.

Drain the eggplant and sauté with the chopped garlic in a mix of butter and oil. 

Add the tomato sauce, anchovies cut into small pieces and the capers. 

Mix well and just before serving add the parsley and, if desired, more chopped garlic.

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