Camargue Salad

A refreshing salad idea


- 400g long grain rice 

- 1 cucumber 

- 1green pepper 

- 6 firm tomatoes  

- 120g black olives 

- roasted red peppers (without oil) 

- 2 onions, 1 clove of garlic 

- 3 tbsp capers 

- 4 tbsp oil 

- 1 tbsp vinegar 

- 3 tbsp mayonnaise 

- 1 small tin anchovies in oil 

- 2 small tins of tuna in oil


Cook the rice in boiling salted water. 

Remove from heat when still firm, rinse under cold water and drain. 

Cut the cucumber into 12 very thin round slices for the garnish, cut the rest into small chunks.

Cut the 4 tomatoes, the green pepper and some roasted red peppers into small chunks. Finely chop the onion and the garlic. 

Mix all ingredients together with the capers, half the olives and the finely chopped anchovy. 

Dress the Camarguaise salad with the oil and vinegar, pepper to taste. 

Let sit 30 minutes. 

Put the Camarguaise salad in a serving dish on a bed of lettuce after adding the mayonnaise. 

Decorate with cucumber slices, the rest of the olives and some red pepper. 

Surrounded the salad with tomato slices, alternating each with a quarter tin of tuna.

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