A medieval city that is definitely worth a visit

A veritable open-air museum situated in the department of the Ardèche on the right bank of the Rhône river, Viviers is worth making the detour to discover its rich historical past.

To see and visit:

- the Saint-Vincent Cathedral and the Saint-Michel Tower

- the Maison des Chevaliers, or House of the Knights

- the Hotel de Lestrade mansion

- the canonical quarter

- the Great Seminary

- the Sampzon House

- Place de la Plaine square

- Place de Chateauvieux square

- the Hôtel de Roqueplane mansion

- the Bishop's Palace

- the Cité Blanche, the former Lafarge factory housing estate

- the Roman bridge and its 11 arches, dating from the 2nd or 3rd century.

- the Saint-Ostian Chapel

- the ruins of the Saint-Martin Tower and the Château de l'Ourse

Viviers medieval city in Ardèche

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