A hilltop village of enchanting colours in the Luberon

In Roussillon, the Ochre Path, or “the red Delphi” as Jean Vilar called it, resembles a painter's palette. To learn about the processing and use of these pigments, visit the Conservatory of Ochre and Applied Pigments set up in the old ochre factory.

Classed among the “most beautiful villages of France”, this magical town is a maze of picturesque little streets and squares. Take the time to stroll around from the lower town up to the summit of the Castrum – the castle – and its panorama.

The village is full of simple houses with charming and harmonious façades along its colourful lanes. Ochre is everywhere, in the landscape, the building façades, as a trompe l'oeil just around the corner and also in the hearts of the people to whom the pigment provided a livelihood up to the 20th century. Ochre is also at the heart of the Art Trail that leads you on a discovery tour of Roussillon.  

This flamboyant marvel of nature has also inspired numerous artists and the village boasts many art galleries, exhibitions, crafts workshops and a rich and unique cultural heritage.

And if one of the restaurants tempts you, don't resist! The Vaucluse is also a region of gastronomy. The lamb of Provence, the tomatoes, melons, cherries, grapes, courgettes and sweet peppers, the garlic and the herbs, the olive oil and sometimes truffles are the basics of the area's cuisine.

“Who wouldn't love Roussillon, if they love light, colour, ardour, vast horizons and that pristine peace of the starry southern nights?” Marie Mauron.

sentier des ocres

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