Montréal-les-Sources is a village in the Drôme situated twenty kilometres from Nyons and with a population of only 29 in 2013.

Montréal-les-Sources is a veritable hymn to nature, the dreamt-of place for rejuvenating.  

The Mont Angèle culminates at 1606 metres and the low mountains and the highlands compose the region's magnificent landscapes. The Alpine flora and fauna that flourish here enjoy what is still a Mediterranean climate. This exceptional environment is favourable to the cultivation of olives, lavender, cherries and apricots, which play a major role in the local economy. 

Montréal-les-Sources is a peaceful and authentic village, in total harmony with nature.

Many visitors who have discovered this corner of paradise come back for the pleasure of the eyes and the desire to regenerate in this soothing and truly beautiful region. It's also an occasion to practice outdoor activities: many trails allow you to explore the region on foot, horseback or mountain bike.

To see and visit:

- the Bois du Seigneur

- the Saint-Julien and Merderie streams

- the rural Chapel of Saint-Julien

In the area around Montréal-les-Sources:

Nyons: the cradle of olive oil

Rémuzat: Provence and an alpine air

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