Boucieu le Roi

Boucieu-le-Roi is a charming village in the Doux Valley between Tournon-sur-Rhône and Lamastre, 34 kilometres from the prefecture city of Privas in the department of Ardèche.
Labelled “Village of Character” in 2008, it has many attractions. As a peaceful place in the Green Ardèche, Boucieu-le-Roi invites you for an intimate encounter with nature.
You don't just stumble across the village by chance, and it's maybe for that reason that it has kept all its charm. It marks the end of the gorges of the Doux, a refuge for a very diverse flora and fauna, and from atop its promontory overlooking the surrounding countryside it offers visitors a true change of scenery.

Walk in the streets of the medieval village of Boucieu le Roi

The river le Doux crosses the village

The Mastrou, the train of the Ardèche in the Doux gorges

The Mastrou in the train station of Tournon sur Rhône

The Mastrou, the steam train of the Southern Ardèche

Boucieu-le-Roi was founded in the 13th century. In 1291, Philippe le Bel established a royal court of justice in Boucieu-le-Roi, thus raising it to the rank of the capital of the Haut Vivarais, with the Bailliff's jurisdiction stretching from the valley of the Eyrieux all the way to the north of the present-day department.  Still standing today, the elegance of the Maison du Bailli, a historic monument, testifies to the past glory of this village.
In the 16th century, the wars of religion put an end to the town's prosperity. It was through the spirituality of the missionary Pierre Vigne that the village was reborn in the 18th century.
During your visit, the Vivarais houses, such as the “aître” house, will plunge you into the rural Ardèche of the past. The more adventuresome will go down to the Doux River to admire the Pont du Roi bridge, a historic monument dating from the 15th century.
As you look at the luminous stone façades along the villages streets, you will discover even more stories and understand why the village is called “village of a thousand secrets”!

In the area around Boucieu le Roi
Tournon-sur-Rhône: a village on the banks of the Rhône, across from Tain l'Hermitage.
Visit the 10th century castle and the gothic-style Saint-Julien collegiate church with its remarkable frescoes.
Desaignes: medieval village situated in the Regional Park of the Monts d'Ardèche. Listed as a Village of Character of the Ardèche: many remarkable monuments to discover.
The original city walls – the three original entrances – the 14th century Chateau de Desaignes – the Temple of Diane Protestant church – the Romanesque-style church.

To do and visit in Boucieu le Roi
Traditional Vivarais houses from the 15th century
The Maison du Bailli
The Saint Jean l'Évangéliste Church
The Pierre Vigne Museum: testimony to the missionary priest's work
The 35 chapels of its Stations of the Cross
A 4 km circuit in the village and surrounding countryside
The 15th century Pont du Roi bridge
Historic monument
The Velorail leaving from Boucieu-le-Roi

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