The Pont de Gau Ornithological Park

The Pont de Gau Ornithological Park is situated approximately 4km inland from Saintes Maries de la Mer. Founded in 1949 by André Lamouroux, a French ornithologist, this park offers 60 hectares of Camargue fauna and flora discovery trails, which you can follow on your own or with a guide. Scavenger hunts, trail maps and topoguides are available at the reception desk.

In the course of the circuits of the Pont de Gau Ornithological Park, observation towers and observatories, set up in the heart of the marshes, permits you to watch from even closer the birds that seem to igore you. The numerous species of bird, at ease in this natural haven, will allow you to approach them.

The pink flamingo is a common visitor since the Camargue is its only place of reproduction in Europe. In winter you will see several hundreds of them, and in summer, several thousands.

For a few years the park has also been home to a pair of storks.

As a voluntary care centre, it also takes in injured birds.

Injured birds of prey (Eagles; Eagle Owls aka Grand Duke; Kites; Falcons etc.), whose condition means they cannot be released back into the wild, are housed in large aviaries.

Pink flamingos in the ornithological park of Pont de Gau

The Nature Trail in the ornithological park of Pont de Gau

A pair of grey herons

Egret in flight over the Camargue

A pair of Hoopoes in the ornithological park

A common Shelduck in the Camargue

Parc Ornithologique du Pont de Gau - Route d'Arles - 13460 Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer

+33 (0)4 90 97 82 62

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