The Gorges of the Verdon

The Regional Nature Park of the Verdon is a fireworks display of biodiversity. The landscapes and the flora and fauna form the very basis of this marvelous region.

The region could be the setting for a blockbuster film with its beautiful canyon, the biggest in Europe, carved out by the river called the ?Verdon?. Its deep and narrow gorges separate the Prealps of Castellane from the Prealps of Digne. Its man-made lake, the Lake Sainte-Croix, is famous. And the Verdon is an ecosystem in itself, with a lush vegetation made up of all sorts of ferns and also campanulacaea, those magnificent plants with flowers in the shape of small bells.

Five dams now control the course of the Verdon River. Pharaonic works were carried out between 1929 and 1975 to contain the waters; entire villages had to be sacrificed, disappearing forever underwater.

It was only later that the Gorges du Verdon became known and loved by travelers and tourists. Today, the protected natural site is a popular summer vacation spot. It lends itself to rock-climbing, canoeing and kayaking, paragliding, bungee jumping, canyoning, hiking and fly fishing. So many outdoor activities are offered, and enjoyed, in this region.

Gorges of the Verdon and lake of Quinson

Gorges of the Verdon - Village and lake of Esparron

Gorges of the Verdon landscape

Plateau of Valensole and lake of Sainte-Croix

Gorges of the Verdon - Lake of Sainte-Croix

Verdon river

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