The Visiatome

The Visiatome is a science museum near Avignon (south of France).
With the Visiatome, the CEA now has a knowledge centre to inform the public and answer its questions linked to the management of radioactive waste and nuclear activities in general.

This centre opened in April 2005, outside the Marcoule site. It is intended for the general public, and requires no formal permission for entrance.

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In 600 m², the exhibition presents waste from various origins and how it is treated, nuclear energy and other sources of energy, radioactivity and its applications, as well as the research carried out in these domains.

The goal is to make visitors understand the issues at stake in terms of the environment, economics, territorial planning, consumption, and way of life, linked to our consumption of energy. The exhibition presents the issues, the achievements, the technologies, and the research.

The Visiatome can welcome individual visitors and groups for free or guided visits, conferences, and debates.

Visiatome – CEA Marcoule - 30200 Bagnols-sur-Cèze

+33 (0)4 66 39 78 78

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