Shoulder of lamb with a truffle stuffing

A recipe with truffles from the Domaine de Cabrery

Serves 4

100 g truffles

1 shoulder of lamb, de-boned (keep the bones)

200 g bacon

olive oil, pepper


Chop up the bacon and mix in with the grated truffle, 1 or 2 turns of the pepper mill, no salt needed.

Lay out the shoulder of lamb nice and flat, place the stuffing along its length, roll it up and tie together. Put the shoulder in a roasting dish, place the bones next to it, drizzle with olive oil. Cover with aluminum paper and put in to a preheated oven (220°C/430*F). Cook for 30. Drain off the cooking juices and set aside, remove the aluminum and put the shoulder back in the oven for a few mintues until golden. Let sit 5 minutes before cutting. Serve with a gravy made of the cooking juices to which a few slices of fresh truflle have been added.

Grate the last truffle on to the steamed potatoes, serve warm with a bit of olive oil.

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