A remarkable harmony between history, festivities and the countryside

Grignan is a medieval village of the southern Drôme in the Rhône-Alpes region, right in the heart of the Tricastin Plain. 77 kilometres from Valence and 68 kilometres from Avignon, the region of Grignan borders on the Enclave des Papes.
The village was built on a tiny hill of incomparable charm. Upon your arrival you will be overcome by the picture perfect scene that Grignan presents, highlighted by the shimmering colours of the light stone. The beautiful surrounding landscapes comprise prairies and scrubland, holm oaks and lavender, broom and shrubs all alternating with parcels of grapevines and truffle fields.
The people of Grignan enjoy a very sunny Mediterranean climate with, however, some abundant rainfall in spring and autumn. Summers and winters are dry and with a strong Mistral wind that accentuates the cold. At times, the mist can be very thick, enshrouding the landscape and the small village streets in a mysterious atmosphere.

The village offers unique panoramic views to the north, south, east and west. Madame de Sévigné called it a “beautiful and triumphant view”, all of which can be admired from the terraces of her château in Grignan. To the southeast, the Mont Ventoux, the Saint-Amand crest and the Dentelles de Montmirail are clearly visible and to the east, the mountains of Nyons and of Les Baronnies stand out. To the west you see the Rhône river and to the north you can see the wind turbines on the Série Mountain.
Its attractions are numerous. The rich historic heritage of the region of Grignan, the beauty of its natural surroundings, the exceptional quality and diversity of its agricultural land and the festive and cultural events that take place throughout the year draw many visitors.
The Festival de la Correspondance takes place over 5 days in July. And in August, for 5 days also, you can enjoy the Soirées Musicales de Madame de Sévigné. During these events, the Chateau's façade metamorphoses into an immense outdoor theatre decor.
Go to Grignan to discover and visit this magnificent 12th century château; its Renaissance façade is sumptuous. Several other edifices are just as admirable, such as the Saint-Sauveur collegiate church, the Lavoir du Mail washhouse, the Tricot gate, the remarkable houses, the steep lanes and the museum-workshop of printing and typography.
A must to see and do: the arrow-marked tour of the garden of old and English roses. Indeed, the medieval village and its old walls are adorned in fragrances and colours like sets of jewellery. It is an exceptional collection that has given Grignan the title of botanical village.

In the area around Grignan
La Garde-Adhémar: one of the most beautiful villages in France, the herb garden, the Saint-Michel church
Le Poët Laval: magnificent medieval village surrounded by its ramparts; cars are not allowed.
Eyguebelle: the Abbey and the Eyguebelle distillery

The village of Grignan in the Drôme Provençale

The Château of Grignan

The labyrinth of the Jardin de Sévigné

A porch in Grignan

View of the roofs and the lavender fields

Entrance to a house in Grignan

Alleys of Grignan

View of the Mont Ventoux from Grignan

Walk in the streets of Grignan

Grignan, village of the Drome Provençale at sunset

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