The distillery of Eyguebelle

Eyguebelle is the history of a passion, of a region and of the Cistercian monks of the Notre Dame d'Aiguebelle Abbey.
Eygue means water in Latin and and is also the name of the river that passes through Nyons – Belle means beauty and purity.
En 1711 the historic marque was born: EYGUEBELLE, the beautiful water, Aquabella in Latin.
You can find it in the heart of the Drôme Provençale, at Valaurie between the Dauphiné and Provence.
The Domaine d'Eyguebelle or Monastery of Aiguebelle was founded in 1137 in a remote valley and surrounded by orchards and lavender fields. The monastery grew thanks to donations from the lords.
Today, it is a renowned traditional distillery that makes syrups and liqueurs following ancestral recipes. The dedicated monks at the abbey create “elixirs” known throughout the world.

Eyguebelle is the love of taste, each of the recipes is precious and protected. The quality and the flavours of the products are incomparable and unique. Made with choice products, fruits, ingredients, flavourings and extracts, the result is synonymous with perfection.
Eyguebelle has an ever-growing herb garden of more than 100 medicinal plants and herbs.
The craftsmanship employed by this distillery is inestimable. Over the decades, the Eyguebelle brand has managed to combine the ancestral know-how with industrial methods all while preserving and guaranteeing exceptional quality in its products. A certified Label of Quality.
A place rich in history, the monastery had at one time been pillaged and than sold. In 1815, a community of monks again settled there and rapidly set about developing Aiguebelle and it's reputation. The abbey is not open to the public: the community of Cistercian monks live according to the rules of Saint Benedict, their lives are dedicated to the quest for union with God. You can however visit the abbey's magnificent church as well as the Tibhirine memorial and a reconstitution of the Garden of Gethsemane and the Cave of Lourdes.

In the area around Eyguebelle
Roussas: 2 km away - Charming village clinging to a hill. To see: the botanic circuit of new variety Roses, the museum of farming, the former gothic chapel
Grignan: 10 km away – Superb medieval and defensive fortress. To see there: the Chateau de Grignan, the round fountain, the circular promenade along the ramparts called the Chemin de Ronde, Saint Sauveur collegiate church...
Monjoyer: farming village – 19th century white church.

Domaine Eyguebelle - 3, chemin de la Méjeonne - 26230 Valaurie

+33 (0)4 75 98 03 80

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