Truffle Fritters

A recipe with truffles from the Domaine de Marie in Ménerbes

Serves 2

250 g flour

1 knob of yeast

1 tablespoon cooking oil

1 egg

1 truffle, or more depending on your appetite

salt, 1 bay leaf

Put the flour in a heavy bowl.

Add the oil and the yeast and mix with a bit of lukewarm water to make a thick batter. Let sit for 2 hours in a cool place.

Cut the truffle into thin, round slices and let macerate for 1 hour in a mixture of Cognac, salt, pepper and the crushed bay leaf.

Coat each truffle slice with the batter and drop in to hot frying oil.

Let drain on absorbant paper and serve with a green salad, escarole for example.


Domaine de Marie 

 Jean-Louis Sibuet

Quartier la verrerie 

 84560 Ménerbes

Tél. : 04 90 72 54 23

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