The Thouzon Cave in Le Thor

The Thouzon cave, also called the Cave of Fairies, opens at the foot of the Thouzon hill, in the Vaucluse in Provence.

60 million years ago the Thouzon Cave underwent its crystallization : stalactites, stalagmites, draperies, rimstone dams, cave pearls... Balance pillars, cones of rocks, clogged joints, wells, meanders, flint nodules, the Thouzon Cave is of great geological interest.

The cave is approximately 230 meters long. A multitude of "fistulous" stalactites characterize the Thouzon Cave. These stalactites can reach up to 2 meters with a 3 millimeter diameter.

The Thouzon Cave was discovered by workers on January 23, during exploitation of the stone quarries. The cave remained intact thanks to its immediate development.

It's the only natural, subterranean site adapted to tourism in the Vaucluse in Provence.

Since 1981, the operators of this natural splendor, Michèle and Denis MATHIEU, have brought in certain interior installments and enhanced the tour of the Thouzon Cave.

Their guides take you through 60 million years in 45 minutes.

Warning, it's only 13°C (56°F) in the cave !

Grotte de Thouzon - 2083, route d'orange - 84250 Le Thor

+ 33(0)4 90 33 93 65

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