The Lavoir du Mail Washhouse in Grignan

Started in 1840 by the mayor of Grignan at the time, François-Auguste Ducros, construction of the washhouse took place over several stages and different periods. In 1861, a half-moon compartment was added to the circular basin to facilitate washing. In 1894, the basin was rebuilt and in 1907 and 1987 the cupola and entablature were restored.
The stone that went into building the washhouse came from the quarries in nearby Chamaret. In the light, it reflects a soft light colour.
The Lavoir du Mail is in a neo-classical style, inspired by the Temple of Love at the Petit Trianon in Versailles that was built for Marie-Antoinette.
Circular and composed of 16 doric columns, the washhouse rests on a substructure with three steps. It is topped by a relatively flat dome on which sits a decorative ball. The basin is 6 metres in diameter with its fountain in the middle.

The Lavoir du Mail Washhouse in Grignan

The washhouse and its doric columns

Situated just below the hilltop village, the washhouse was the meeting place for the washerwomen who came to wash and beat their laundry with a paddle. The clean laundry was then left to dry in the sun.The Count of Grignan also liked to receive his guests for games and organize meetings there. Truly a place for socializing and fun.
It is listed as a Historic Monument since December 24, 1987.

Le lavoir du Mail - Place du Mail - 23230 Grignan

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