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Black Truffle in Provence
Sales of fresh black truffle

Fresh Truffles
Weighing in for the sale

We find the same characters, this time back in a café, with their steelyard scales. As it turns out, only the price per kilo was established in the marketplace, according to the product offered and its grower. The actual sale itself is now made with the weighing for the client whom the farmer succeeded in enticing.
The scales are put to the test o determine the wads of bills to be handed over for a pouch.
black truffles
Weighing in for the sale
Here everything is "in cash" please!
It's the custom, and has nothing to do with any tax dodging, given that the black diamond market is, today, fiercely monitored by the Fraud Squad.
fresh truffle
"The clients are less numerous this year because they speculate on an unaffordable price for the truffles and therefore, in anticipation of that, they have worked out this season's menus leaving out our truffles!" explains a seller.
Nonetheless the fact remains that last year it was more like 300 kg of truffles that were sold at the market and if we look back over the last 50 years production has fallen at a dizzying rate. Before the Second World War, the Vaucluse gathered 1500 tons of truffles per year, compared to about 18 tons today. Everyone has their own explanation, more or less original, but they express their opinions. For the older generations the cause lies in the Earth which is slowly dying: "With all this pollution, the earth is suffocating, the worms are no longer there to turn the soil and therefore the truffle is no longer nourished".

The truffles of Tricastin
Falling production

This morning, 50kg of tuber melanosporum were sold at 700 € the kilo. A meager market in some ways. "You can't say that this year was a good year for the truffle. But the media does the rest in giving false informaton to the client. Even if we've seen more glorious years in terms of harvest, it's not completely catastrophic.
Truffle trees
Truffle market of Carpentras
According to Mr Jomar, trufficulturist in Carpentras, the reason is mainly the abandonment of natural truffles fields, after the War, in favor of grapevines. For that they have deforested a lot and affected the potential of wild truffles production.
Today, some are seeing the production of truffles as a lnog-term investment, and the really passionate ones replanting truffles plants. "You have to wait 10, 15 before a tree produces, that takes alot of patience".
© text: Sandrine Moirenc © photos: José Nicolas

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