Recipes from the Camargue

Traditional recipes typical to the Camargue

While in the Camargue you will be able to savour the typical recipes of the region, cooked, just like in the good old days, with the deep respect of tradition.

You will try, among others, la salade camarguaise (Camargue salad), l'anchoïade (anchovies, oil, and garlic paste, usually served with raw vegetables), les moules de Bouzigues en brasu-cado (Bouzigues mussels in a sharp sauce cooked on a wood fire), les anguilles du Rhône en bouillabaisse (Rhone eels in a fish soup), la barbouillade d'artichauts (artichokes with salt pork), le gratin d'aubergines (aubergine gratin), gardiane de taureau (stew made with bull meat), canard aux figues (duck with fig sauce), rouille (mayonnaise of olive oil, garlic, chilli peppers, bread, and fish broth), brandade de morue (a warm garlicky puree of cod with milk, cream or oil), and delicious goats' cheeses such as Pélardons, with a dash of pepper or a drizzle of olive oil…

This region, by its very diversity, is rich in different types of agricultural production. While the majority of agricultural land is taken up with the cultivation of wheat, rapeseed, sunflowers, and rice, there are also vegetables, orchards, salt, the famous Camargue "fleur de sel" (fine sea salt), and olive trees in the nearby Baux valley. And then there is the bull breeding which produces meat carrying the AOC quality label (like the English FSA standard), along with the herds of sheep and goats in La Crau.

With shellfish from the nearby Thau and Bouzigues étangs (small salt water lakes), where the famous oysters and mussels are produced, and fish from the Rhone River and Mediterranean Sea, Camargue cuisine offers an infinite variety of flavours that go perfectly with the "Vin des Sables" (Wine of the Sands) and other wines from the nearby Rhone and Languedoc valleys.

Rancher and an armful of rice

Trio of Camargue rice

Market in the Camargue: shellfish and seafood

Camargue bull

The salt pans of Aigues-Mortes

Olive orchard in the Alpilles at the gates to the Camargue

#Anchoiade camarguaise

a typically Provençal sauce, ideal for hors d'oeuvres

#Artichoke Barbouillade

A delicious spring dish


The quintessence of Marseillaise cuisine

#Brasucado Mussels

A spiced-up way to serve mussels

#Camargue Salad

An easy recipe for a flavourful salad

#Cod brandade

Cod brandade like you find in the Camargue

#Eggplant with anchovies and capers

A recipe as simple as pie!

#Gardiane de Taureau

Traditional dish of the Camargue

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