Saint Laurent des Arbres

The Romanesque church, fortified by Pope John XXII, the keep (feudal), the Ribas Tower and the remain of the ramparts of Saint Laurent des Arbres testify to a rich history in centuries gone by. The Ribas Tower, where you will find the Tourist Office, houses a model of the town, recreated from archives, representing the site as it would have been in the Middle Ages up to the mid-17th century.

The village of Saint-Laurent-les Arbres in the Gard

Fortified church and the keep in St-Laurent des Arbres

Detail of the feudal keep in Saint Laurent des Arbres

Fortified church of Saint-Laurent-des-Arbres

The coat of arms in stone representing Saint-Laurent des Arbres

Square shaded by cedars and the Ribas Tower

The maze of passages, alleyways and small squares of Saint Laurent des Arbres offer visitors an attractive touristic site. Historical, archaeological and geological discoveries await ; for lovers of old stones and a superb countryside.

Remarkable pine forests stretch out south of the town of Saint Laurent des Arbres ; in this forest, shaded hillsides, picnic areas, jogging, hiking and horseback riding paths lead to the plateau of Lirac, which awards nature lovers with a magnificent view of the Mont Ventoux.

To the North, the Mont Cau overlooks the towers of the village and its vineyard, famous since Antiquity.

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