Enchanting medieval village typical of the Midi

Pouzilhac is a small town in the Provençal Gard, 33 km from Avignon, 29 km from Nîmes and 15 km from Uzès.

You will fall utterly in love with this medieval village of only 600 inhabitants, set in the midst of the vineyards and the scrubland.

Dazzling with its old stone buildings in the warm shimmering colours of ocher and red, typical to the Languedoc region, Pouzilhac has preserved all the elements of its past. A gate in the remains of its old ramparts invites you on a trip back in time. The small cobblestone streets snake between the old houses and buildings, all lovingly restored. You can admire the belfry, surmounted by a wrought-iron campanile, and the church with its bell tower and slender spire. Or just simply soak in the magical and medieval atmosphere.

Walking the streets of Pouzilhac

The walls of the village

The Church of the village

Walking the streets of the village

Village house

Village house

You will especially love the sight of its castle, straight out of a fairy tale. Already mentioned in a text dating from 1221, it is believed to have been built by a crusader. Altered in the 18th and 19th century, the castle has still kept its medieval air. In the middle stands a square keep with its turret; a parapet walk connects its four towers and an imposing gate opens onto its main courtyard and a small seigneurial chapel from the 18th century. Listed as a historic monument, the castle is, alas, private property.

Outside the village, you will find the 12th century Saint Privat Chapel. It stands in the middle of the cemetery of Pouzilhac, on a site situated along the ancient Roman route between Nîmes and Alba Augusta. Although it is in ruins and is missing its vaulted ceiling, you can clearly make out the chapel's apse and chevet.

To the west of the village, in the La Méjade quarter, you can see all the town's old garden allotments. Each one has its own well, one of which is particularly impressive, all in stone with a sculpted and decorated top.

You can also go for a walk through the vineyards. The wine-growers of Pouzilhac produce excellent wines in the Côtes-du Rhône appellation.

In the area around Pouzilhac:
The Pont du Gard, 11 km away, the impressive Roman aqueduct that crosses the Gardon River
Saint-Victor-la-Coste, 6 km away, a true gem of a village.

Pouzilhac, medieval village in the Gard near Uzès

The castle of Pouzilhac

The walls of the castle of Pouzilhac

Landscape from the streets of Pouzilhac

Vineyards around Pouzilhac

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