The history of Courthézon goes back to the Neolithic, 6000 years before the modern era. One of the oldest farming towns in Europe, it saw its golden age in the Middle Ages under the reign of the Princes of Orange.  
Entering Courthézon, the visitor is first struck by the imposing mass of the 12th century walls that surround the town. The town itself holds many traces of its prestigious past. The origins of its church date back to Charlemagne. And that church houses an organ with exceptional acoustics that make for top quality concerts.  
In Courthézon, the winemakers and wine cellars of the Châteauneuf du Pape and Côtes du Rhône appellations know how to satisfy an international clientèle.
Nicknamed our "Little Provençal Versailles", the Château Val Seille and its magnificent park, glass atrium and winter garden houses one of the most beautiful town halls in the region. Artistically illuminated, on summer evenings it hosts in its open-air theatre many diverse and free shows. During the last weekend in August, the Autumn Festival livens up the town with a different theme each year, including a dinner and show on the Saturday evening and parades with some three hundred costumed participants on Sunday.

Castle Val Seille in Courthezon and its Park

Citywalls of Courthézon

Moreover, Courthézon is always pleased to offer a convivial and personalised welcome to visitors who choose to stay here.
To see
The old village, its medieval ramparts and gates from the 12th century.
The Belvedere with views over the Mont Ventoux and the Dentelles de Montmirail
The belfry and its elegant campanile
The church with its organ listed as a historic monument
The Château Val Seille and its park, glass atrium and its aviary, an attraction for the young and old alike
The Château Val Seille lit up at night
The painted frescoes in the village streets (life in the Middle Ages, the old market, pastorale scenes)
The 15 fountains
Natural Sites
The farm of l'Etang and its mountain biking circuit  
Free guided tours by appointment

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