Saint-Sauveur Collegiate Church in Grignan

Built in 1535 by the Baron Adhémar, the Saint-Sauveur Collegiate Church was consecrated by Pope Paul III in 1539.
Situated below the château on the southwest face of the rock, the dominant position and elevation make the edifice spectacular. Two towers were built, the north one is solid and the southern one is hollow and serves as the bell tower.
In a southern Gothic style, the church has a single, wide nave, an octagonal choir, ribbed vaults supported by arch beams and tracery windows. The façade is Renaissance, just like the château, a total contrast with the church's Gothic interior.

The Saint-Sauveur Collegiate Church in Grignan

Inside the Saint-Sauveur Collegiate Church

The Cross of the Saint-Sauveur Collegiate Church

View from the Saint-Sauveur Collegiate Church

Entrance of the Saint-Sauveur Collegiate Church

You enter through a very beautiful door and stairs built in the 17th century. The chateau's terrace provides the roof, rare and  remarkable for its construction principle. Elegant with its balustrade, the terrace offers a magnificent open view over the plain, the region of Grignan and the glorious colours of the sunset.
Inside, a high balcony allowed the counts at the time to attend services and a small chapel is situated in the château's lower courtyard.
The collegiate church holds furnishing from the 17th century; the organ dates from the late 1600s.
Madame de Sévigné's tomb lies in the church's choir since April 18, 1696.
In 1840, the Collegiate Church was listed a Historic Monument of France.

Collégiale Saint-Sauveur - Rue Saint-Sauveur - 26230 Grignan

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