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Graduate of a big Parisian cooking school, Bruno has gained from all his experiences.

He turns your meals into unforgettable moments. He regales your senses, and those of your friends and family...

Bruno proposes several types of services, from cooking in your home to making happen your receptions for up to 300 people, without forgetting the cooking classes, picnics, seminar lunches he offers...

Bruno Gourdet, a renowned chef
- The Cantine des Gourmets in Paris (1 macaroon)
- The Crocodile in Strasbourg (3 macaroons)
- The Antiquaires in Orléans (1 macaroon)
- The Georges Hotel England (3 rosettes)
- The Bouviers England (2 rosettes)
- Member of the Order of Disciples of Escoffier.

The +++

  • chef in your home
  • receptions

Cook in your home

Home made desserts

Gourmet cuisine

A Chef at home in Provence

Fresh starter

Original and inventive cuisine

Birthday dessert

Provençal desserts

You are on holiday or not, you want to enjoy the place where you live or your vacation home - no worries, Bruno takes care of everything.
« I come with all the ingredients, I cook with fresh and seasonal produce, local when possible, right in front of you. »
The menu is agreed upon beforehand, or not, to keep an element of surprise. Then he prepares the dishes and arranges them on the plates, which can be served by a waiter if you wish. He leaves after the dessert has been served and the kitchen is clean.

A restaurant at home, without the hassle of a kitchen to clean up afterwards: the perfect formula to surprise and have a good time.

«Un repas, un goûter, un brunch, un buffet, un cocktail dînatoire, cours de cuisine... le tout c'est de me préciser combien de personne et votre budget, je vous envoie un devis personnalisé et c'est parti pour l'originalité et la découverte.
 Ma cuisine est une cuisine internationale et créative. Je m'adapte à votre cuisine, il me faut juste un four, des plaques de cuisson et une place dans votre réfrigérateur le reste ? Je gère !!»

« My best moment: when the hostess of the party, who most of the times cooks herself, tells me she was able to enjoy her guests' company without having to get up, and that there's nothing to do, not even after. »

« A meal, a tea party, a brunch, a buffet, a cocktail reception, cooking classes... all you have to do is specify the number of guests and your budget, I send you a personalized quote and off we go for originality and innovation. »
« My cuisine is international and creative.
I adapt to your kitchen, all I need is an oven, stove top and space in your refrigerator. For the rest? I take care of it!! »

Cooking for receptions

Cook for your events

Cook for receptions

Cocktails of Provence

Wedding in Provence

Receptions in Provence

Al fresco lunch

Home made ice cream

Amuse bouche for your reception

Iced dessert

More than 35 people or so and another mode of operation comes into play. With his own equipment, Bruno organises, orders, concocts, cooks, prepares all the components so that your special event takes place as planned.

He works in association with wedding planners and wedding designers (Monsieur+Madame, Les Cocotes, Elle et Nous...) who can organise the decoration and proceedings of your reception as close as possible to your expectations. Weddings, baptism, bridal showers or bachelor parties, theme evenings... he also has contacts amongst professionals in entertainment and original soirées.
« Why a chef for receptions? Quite simply because I do more than just reheat the dishes, I cook them at the last minute to guarantee maximum quality. »
Bruno only handles one client at a time; he likes to say that from the first meeting before the wedding until the dessert at the reception, he will be there.
« You will never be an impersonal menu on a refrigerator door lost among all the others. »
Custom-made quotes, according to your desires and your budget. Member of the Order of Disciples of Escoffier.
Life is not worth living without enjoying everything that it can offer...

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Chef@home - Bruno Gourdet - 84250 Le Thor

+33 (0)6 68 33 76 41

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