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Saint Victor Soap of Marseille

Saint-Victor soaps - Marseille soap

Marseille by night
Marseille soap
Soap of Marseille
Soap production is a Marseillaise tradition since the 18th century.
About fifteen soap factories made Marseille the leading Mediterranean centre for the production and shipping of olive oil and natural soda-based soaps.

In 1688, under Louis XIV, the first regulations concerning the production and the brand-naming of soap were introduced. These rules, set by the Sun King, are still in force today.

The veritable "soap of Marseille" is a natural product made exclusively from copra, palm and olive oils, without any colouring agents or artificial additives. It must imperatively contain 72% oil, the percentage stamped on each bar of soap. 14 days are needed to obtain the soap. The vegetable oils and the soda are first mixed in a big cauldron. The paste is then cooked for ten days at a temperature of 120°C.

Then, it is washed to eliminate the soda and set to rest for 2 days.
After having dried over 48 hours at a temperature of 50 to 60°C, the soap is ready to be cut into 35kg blocks.

A whole month goes by between the start of production and the soap finally appearing in the shop.

Saint Victor Soap of Marseille
Daisy soleil
Les savons de Saint Victor

7 place Saint Victor

13007 Marseille - Provence - France

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