A village of the Midi in the heart of the Gorges of the Gardon

In the heart of the Nîmes, Avignon and Uzès triangle, the town of Collias is a village of the Gard in Occitanie and has a population of just over 1000 inhabitants.

Its situation on the banks of the Gardon, in a landscape of scrub land and limestone mountains, make Collias a prized destination for lovers of outdoor activities such as kayaking, hiking and horseback riding, swimming....

Collias is also a great spot for rock-climbers; a via ferrata has even been created.

A stroll through the village set above the riverbanks lets you discover its beautifully restored stone houses, its shaded little squares, its church...

From the bridge that crosses the Gardon, you will have a lovely view over the river's pebbly beaches and the steep slopes.

On the southern bank of the Gardon, a walking trail leads southeast from the village to the fountain in the valley of the Ermitage, a cave already occupied in the Neolithic period and then used throughout the centuries by hermits . Between the 12th and 14th century, a small community of monks had settled there. The restored chapel was built on the foundations of a Roman temple. The whole site is absolutely enchanting.

By canoe, you can quickly reach the Pont du Gard, situated 8 kilometres from Collias..

Collias on the banks of the Gardon

Mill on the Alzon River in Collias

Swimming in the Gardon river in Collias

Saint Vincent Church in Collias

The Castellas Hotel in Collias

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