Land of history and gastronomy at the foot of the Mont Ventoux

Located in the Provence of the Rhone at the foot of the Mont Ventoux, in France, Carpentras, papal land from 1229 to 1791, offers to the visitor's gaze its spruce ochre façades, cool lanes and fountains. Sheltered from the Mistral wind, it's a privileged vacation spot for those who want to savour the Provençal way of life!
In the heart of a rich agricultural plain in Provence, Carpentras represents a land of quality, proven by its weekly market that goes back to the origins of the city. The entire region is devoted to gastronomy and fresh fruit and vegetables.
The market gardeners cultivate strawberries and melon, the vineyards produce the AOC Côtes du Ventoux wines and truffles are honoured during the famous truffle market of Carpentras that takes place every Friday from late November to early March. Don't leave without tasting the sweet specialties: the berlingot and the candied fruits, all prepared in the true craftsman's traditions.

Carpentras, city of art and history
Carpentras owes most of its originality to the Holy See from the 13th to the 18th century. Its architecture was inspired by Italian models, and the presence of the Jews, protected by the Popes, marks its culture.

  • the Synagogue, the oldest in France (1367) and still practicing, is a place full of feeling that testifies to the past and present Judeo-Provençal culture.
  • The Hôtel-Dieu hospital and its 18th century pharmacopeia preserved in its original state. Construction work will allow it to house the collection from the Inguimbertine library, rich in 76000 old printed volumes and more than 3000 manuscripts that confer on it its international renown.
  • the former Episcopal Palace, now the law courts
  • the Roman Arch, the Porte d'Orange city gate, last remnant of the 14th century ramparts,
  • the Saint Siffrein cathedral in southern gothic style
  • the Boyer Passage covered by an immense glass roof and its trendy boutiques.
  • the pedestrian discovery circuit baptised "berlingot", in reference to the city's sweet specialty, punctuated by 21 lecterns in enamelled lava.


Carpentras, land of flavours

  • the markets of Carpentras: classed as exceptional markets for their ambiance and the quality of its products. The Provençal market takes over the city every Friday morning, with 350 sellers, in a kaleidoscope of colours and floral and fruity fragrances. From the end of November to the beginning of March, discover the world of the truffle market, which serves as a reference for the whole region.
  • The Confiserie du Mont Ventoux: you will learn everything about the traditional making of the berlingot, the little tetrahedron-shaped boiled sweets striped in white and coming in many flavours.
  • The Saint-Siffrein fair in november

There are also many sports activities in Carpentras in the Vaucluse: a hippodrome on grass, an aerodrome for aerial activities, a sports complex (skating park, tennis courts, bi-cross, karting), two fitness trails (one being in the park of the Berges de l'Auzon situated on the river's banks, ideal spot for a picnic), a covered swimming pool and an aquatic stadium (olympic-size swimming pool, diving area, slides, learners' pool, snack bar).

Carpentras, ideally situated in the heart of the Vaucluse, lets you easily discover the biggest tourist sites:

Cathédral Saint-Siffrein in Carpentras

Cathédral Saint-Siffrein in Carpentras

Hôtel Dieu in Carpentras

Roman arch in Carpentras

Carpentras synagogue

Foutnain in Carpentras

Artisanal manufacture of Berlingots sweets in Carpentras

View over the roofs of the city of Carpentras

Passage Boyer in Carpentras

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