The Rocher des Doms in Avignon

Its foot in the Rhône, the Rocher des Doms faces Villeneuve-lez-Avignon, where the Fort Saint André sits on Mont Andaon. Its terrace and the panorama it offers over the surrounding region should not be missed. The garden, laid out in 1830, was a colossal undertaking; it hides a reservoir that once supplied the city with water.

The Rocher des Doms is the cradle of Avignon. It is and always has been a popular spot for a promenade. You reach it by the steps leading from the cathedral Notre Dame des Doms, by the Sainte-Anne steps or by those from the banks of the Rhône.

In the middle of the pond, the Venus with Swallows is a work by Félix Charpentier; its nudity caused it to be moved, in 1894, from the Place Carnot to here.

You can also discover what an "analemmatic" solar calendar is and see the statues of some well-known men of Avignon, such as Jean Althen.

A large esplanade with an orientation table offers great views over the Mont Ventoux, the Rhône River, Barthelasse Island and Villeneuve les Avignon with the Saint-André Fort. Finally, from there you can access the city walls and, after passing through the corridors and turret, arrive at the Saint-Bénézet Bridge.

On the Rocher, you can sit in the shade of the trees and enjoy the coolness from the water, laugh at the carrying-ons of the ducks or admire the peacocks, who sometimes negligently drag their tail feathers along, at the risk of being stepped on. Parents will have as much pleasure here as their children, who can enjoy the playground with slide and carousel. With Spring arrived, the café opens its terrace and serves refreshing drinks. Right next to the pond, it is a favoured spot of the Avignonais to come and relax.

At the foot of the Rocher, by the Rhône, a free ferry lets you cross the river to the Île de la Barthelasse, another place for a stroll highly-prized by the people of Avignon.

Rocher des Doms in Avignon, Venus with Swallows

Walk on the Rock of Doms in Avignon

Rocher des Doms in Avignon

Rocher des Doms - 84000 Avignon

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